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Check out the Pocket Money Orchestra’s Tumblr page, we will be posting clips and pictures as they come to us this winter!


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Plunger Mute…

From 2012, found a video of HDRnB doing Willie Dixon’s “I Just Want to Make Love to You.”  Got to steal Squantch’s plunger solo!

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Pig’s Eye Preview

Here’s a clip from our last Pig’s Eye gig, we will be back on November 29th!

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Back in Denver!

Thank you for everybody that supported the last few months of the Pocket Money Orchestra!  We had a great summer playing together, and were glad to be a part of the festivities at Salem Jazz and Soul 2014.  Thanks Henley, Sarah, Larry, Ryan, and all the volunteers and workers who held the weekend together.  All the music at the festival, and the afterparties with everybody sitting in with everybody else, there’s nothing like it on the North Shore.  PMO will be back this winter, keep an eye out!

Lately I’ve been at school out in Denver, keeping up with classes and playing around town with the Trevor Jones Band.  We will be gigging regularly in the next few months, I’ll keep an updated schedule!  Anybody out this way, feel free to stop by the University of Denver’s Newman Center, great jazz being played every Friday night at 5 pm by young musicians, with some really great players to be seen!

- Brian

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Checking in for the month of August with the Pocket Money Orchestra, we’ll be playing at the following locations…

Tuesday August 5, 9 pm at Opus Underground in Salem

Friday August 8, 9 pm at Spotlight Tavern in Beverly, opening for Dave Bailin

Sunday August 10, 8 pm at In a Pig’s Eye in Salem

Friday August 15, 10 pm at the Howling Wolf Taqueria in Salem

These shows all lead up to the high point of the summer in the North Shore music scene, the Salem Jazz and Soul Festival.  Come check out a great free music festival running all through the third weekend of August.  We’ll be playing on Saturday August 16th, the second act of the day at 12:30 pm.  With an 8 piece band and special guests, we’re hoping to put on a great show and add to what’s going to be a killer weekend of music (also check out the various afterparties at venues around the area).  ‘Til then!

- Brian

P.S.  Here are some clips from the Pocket Money Orches
tra’s last show at Pig’s Eye!

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Salem Jams

We had a great first night back at In a Pig’s Eye, one of the few remaining television-free bars! Thanks to Brandon Tarricone for filling in on guitar. He’s a total pro and a really great guy to work with, hopefully we’ll have him on some more shows this summer.

The Pocket Money Orchestra has some recently booked shows to report…

Sunday July 22 at Chianti Jazz Lounge, 6:30-9:30 pm.
Friday July 4 at the Salem Independence Day Celebration, 5-6:30 pm.

Aidan will be back on keys for these shows, come see the band with its original lineup! We’ve got a busy summer planned, come catch the band soon when we’re in your neighborhood.

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Salem Jazz and Soul Festival

This year we are excited to be a part of the festivities at the Salem Jazz and Soul Festival!  The Pocket Money Orchestra will be performing Saturday August 16 from 12:30 – 1:30 pm at the Salem Willows, the summer home venue of Duke Ellington and Co.  This is a great festival every year, admission is free and they have killer line-ups in a beautiful location.

The festival runs August 16 and 17 from 11 am – 7 pm both days.  They are always looking for volunteers, if  you are interested in helping out you can get in touch through their website, www.salemjazzsoul.com

Thanks to the music directors for inviting us, can’t wait for the weekend!

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Back for the Summer

Hey everybody,

I’m just now wrapping up my first year as a student in Denver, having met some great players, teachers, and friends.  It’s a great city for music, with a lot of groups to see and plenty of venues to host them.  Thanks especially to Bowman, Derek, Jack, Wilson, Jackson, Al, Randy, and Kira.  It’s been great playing with and learning from you guys!

On June 4 I’ll be back home, and I’ve been waiting to get back to playing with the hometown bands.  Here are some upcoming shows for the month of June…

June 6 at Penuche’s in Hanover, NH with The Romano Project
June 12 at In a Pig’s Eye in Salem, MA with The Pocket Money Orchestra
June 22 at Ziontific Solstice Festival in Stockbridge, VT with The Romano Project
June 27 at The Music and Color Festival in Hebron, ME with The Romano Project

Also, the Pocket Change Quartet has established a weekly residency at The Village Tavern on the Salem Pedestrian Mall.  We play every Sunday from 1-4 pm on the patio outside, featuring a rotating cast of horns and rhythm section members to keep things fresh!

Looking forward to being back in town!

- Brian

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‘Til June…

Both The Pocket Money Orchestra and The Romano Project have had a month of great shows, including one more last minute stop at Chianti on Thursday Jan. 9 (Thanks Rich!)  I’ll be at school in Colorado until June, but I’m looking forward to coming back East and working with both bands again, thanks for the support over the last six weeks.

One of the new touches to the site allows you to review our past performances.                 The Past Gigs page now has links next to many of the dates that will take you to                     a highlight reel of that show on Soundcloud, allowing you to hear our progress                   over the last year and a half.  Hopefully video will follow soon!

See you in June!
- Brian

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Familiar Spots…

We’ll be playing at our home venues in the coming weeks, come out and catch the band at one of 2 locations.

Sunday December 22, 2013 at Chianti Jazz Lounge in Beverly, 3-6 pm.  A special show time, and a special lineup.  Featuring Eric Reardon on guitar and Aubrey Harris on bass.  Also with Derek Hayden, Aidan Scrimgeour, and Garth Retallack.

Thursday January 2, 2013 at In a Pig’s Eye in Salem, 9:30 – 12 pm.  The full lineup of the Pocket Money Orchestra, now with Squantch on trombone.  Our last show until June 2014, should be a full house at the Pig!

Copies of the Four Finger Stomp EP will be available at both shows.

P.S. Check out a clip from the recent Romano Project/PMO collaboration at Pig’s Eye.

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