The Four Finger Stomp EP

The Pocket Money Orchestra’s first studio work is available now online! Check out

for a free download.  We are trying to raise money to record the rest of the album, and pay for the recording sessions that made the EP.  If you’d like to donate to the cause, there is an option to pay what you wish when downloading the songs.

If you wish to pay nothing, please have a record anyway!  We appreciate people listening, and don’t want Paypal to get in the way of you having the songs to listen to at your leisure.

We will also have physical copies of the EP at our upcoming shows, available on the same system of pay-what-you-want-or-not-at-all.  Hope to see you there!

Happy Holidays,

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Winter Shows

Some news:

PMO will be getting back together for a couple winter shows, we’re looking forward to playing again at a few of our favorite spots in Salem.  On December 21 we’re playing the Howling Wolf Taqueria at 10 pm, and we’ll be releasing an EP at Pig’s Eye on January 2.

On December 15th The Romano Project will be making our Pig’s Eye debut, alongside a new group.  Featuring sax player and turntablist Tim Dunning, ICCULUS is a project that combines a live rhythm section and horns with creative sampling and turntable work.  Also featuring Ben Siwak, Derek Hayden, and Eric Reardon on guitar.  Scratching is a lost art, come check out one of the guys keeping it alive!

See you soon,

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What’s next…

To those who’ve been listening to and following the band,

Thanks for your support and interest in our progress this year.  Over the course of the last several months, we’ve settled on a steady line-up, and cultivated a more unique sound with our original material.  That would have been impossible without the venues and their owners that gave us a place to develop as a band, especially Rich at Chianti Jazz Lounge and Sarah at In a Pig’s Eye.

Over the next couple months, Aidan and I will be heading away for our first year of college, so the band will be taking a break.  We’ll come back in December ready to play a series of winter shows (including an album release party), and then again in the summer for another run of the Pocket Money Orchestra.  Until then, thank you to everyone that has helped us get to this point.  See you in December!

- Brian

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The First Album

The Pocket Money Orchestra cut our first album on Friday, recording six of our original tracks.  Thanks to Charlie Borruso at Woodshop Productions, great sound and a really comfortable place to work.  The album will likely be released in December when the band reconvenes.

The last Chianti show was a great time, thanks to Henley and Squantch for coming to play, and Rich and the staff for having us.  They started us off two years ago, and it was the perfect place to end what’s been a great summer for the band.  Recordings will be available soon, check back for more information!

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Farewell to the Pig

Thanks to everyone who came out to our last Pig’s Eye show for the summer, watch their calendar for our next appearance, probably early December.  The Pocket Change Quartet will be playing at the Howling Wolf Taqueria in Salem this Friday night at 10 pm, kicking off the Salem Jazz and Soul Fest weekend.

Also don’t miss The Pocket Money Orchestra’s last show of the summer at Chianti in Beverly, Sunday August 25 at 6:30.  Henley Douglas Jr. and Squantch will be joining the band for that show, should be a great night.

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Winding down for the summer…

We’ve got a month of shows left before The Pocket Money Orchestra disbands for the fall.  We have two Village Tavern gigs, August 4 and 18.  Both are Sundays, 1-4 pm outside on the patio.

On August 8, we’ll be back at In a Pig’s Eye Thursday at 9 pm.  We tend to play our best there, something about the environment keeps things pretty loose and comfortable.  Come check out the bar if you haven’t been before.

We’ll wrap up our summer with a last show at Chianti Jazz Lounge in Beverly, Sunday August 25 at 6:30 pm.  All the friends of the band will be coming to send us off, and we’ll be featuring the great Henley Douglas Jr. playing tenor sax with the band.  This will be the last PMO concert until December, so catch the band while you still can!

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Pure Cosmic Bop

Had a great time Saturday night in Lowell with The Riverhawk Party Band, ready for Pure Cosmic Bop Part IIIShout out to Wireless Mike and his spoken-word antics.

Thanks to In a Pig’s Eye for hosting us Thursday night.  One of our favorite spots, thanks to the usual crowd that came down that night.

Also a good time on Sunday at Chianti Jazz Lounge, one of the best jazz venues on the North Shore.  Thanks to Dan and Cam for coming and sitting in with us, guests always bring a new level to the show.  For clips from the gig, click the link below.

The Pocket Money Orchestra: Live at Chianti on July 14, 2013

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This week for the Pocket Money Orchestra

The band will be returning to In a Pig’s Eye in Salem, MA on Thursday July 11.  Eric Reardon will be joining the band on guitar, should be a fun night at the Pig!  We’ll be getting started at 9 pm.

Saturday July 13 we’ll be taking part in Pure Cosmic Bop Part II, an evening of funk and bebop at The Blue Shamrock in Lowell.  The night is being hosted by The Riverhawk Party Band.

We’ll also be back at Chianti Jazz Lounge in Beverly on Sunday July 14.  It’s an early show, we get started at 6:30 pm.  We’ll be debuting several new songs we’ve been working on, catch the first performance of some brand new original material!

Here’s a clip from our last show at Chianti…

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Last week in Salem

As always, a great time at Pig’s Eye on Thursday night.  Thanks to Eric for coming and hanging with the band on guitar.  We’ll be back at The Pig on July 11, Thursday night at 9.
Check the link below for highlights from the show.

The Pocket Money Orchestra at Pig’s Eye, June 13

The quartet spent a pleasant Sunday afternoon outside The Village Tavern in Salem, playing the 1-4 pm jazz brunch.  We’ll be back Sunday June 30, playing outside on the Salem Pedestrian Mall if weather permits, as well as Wednesday June 27 at 7:30 pm.

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June 9 at Chianti

Here’s a link to some clips of our last show at Chianti.  Thanks again to Rich and the staff for having us, looking forward our next show there!

“Toothless” and “Four Finger Stomp” by The Pocket Money Orchestra

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