Checking in for the month of August with the Pocket Money Orchestra, we’ll be playing at the following locations…

Tuesday August 5, 9 pm at Opus Underground in Salem

Friday August 8, 9 pm at Spotlight Tavern in Beverly, opening for Dave Bailin

Sunday August 10, 8 pm at In a Pig’s Eye in Salem

Friday August 15, 10 pm at the Howling Wolf Taqueria in Salem

These shows all lead up to the high point of the summer in the North Shore music scene, the Salem Jazz and Soul Festival.  Come check out a great free music festival running all through the third weekend of August.  We’ll be playing on Saturday August 16th, the second act of the day at 12:30 pm.  With an 8 piece band and special guests, we’re hoping to put on a great show and add to what’s going to be a killer weekend of music (also check out the various afterparties at venues around the area).  ‘Til then!

- Brian

P.S.  Here are some clips from the Pocket Money Orches
tra’s last show at Pig’s Eye!

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