Back in Denver!

Thank you for everybody that supported the last few months of the Pocket Money Orchestra!  We had a great summer playing together, and were glad to be a part of the festivities at Salem Jazz and Soul 2014.  Thanks Henley, Sarah, Larry, Ryan, and all the volunteers and workers who held the weekend together.  All the music at the festival, and the afterparties with everybody sitting in with everybody else, there’s nothing like it on the North Shore.  PMO will be back this winter, keep an eye out!

Lately I’ve been at school out in Denver, keeping up with classes and playing around town with the Trevor Jones Band.  We will be gigging regularly in the next few months, I’ll keep an updated schedule!  Anybody out this way, feel free to stop by the University of Denver’s Newman Center, great jazz being played every Friday night at 5 pm by young musicians, with some really great players to be seen!

- Brian

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