Back for the Summer

Hey everybody,

I’m just now wrapping up my first year as a student in Denver, having met some great players, teachers, and friends.  It’s a great city for music, with a lot of groups to see and plenty of venues to host them.  Thanks especially to Bowman, Derek, Jack, Wilson, Jackson, Al, Randy, and Kira.  It’s been great playing with and learning from you guys!

On June 4 I’ll be back home, and I’ve been waiting to get back to playing with the hometown bands.  Here are some upcoming shows for the month of June…

June 6 at Penuche’s in Hanover, NH with The Romano Project
June 12 at In a Pig’s Eye in Salem, MA with The Pocket Money Orchestra
June 22 at Ziontific Solstice Festival in Stockbridge, VT with The Romano Project
June 27 at The Music and Color Festival in Hebron, ME with The Romano Project

Also, the Pocket Change Quartet has established a weekly residency at The Village Tavern on the Salem Pedestrian Mall.  We play every Sunday from 1-4 pm on the patio outside, featuring a rotating cast of horns and rhythm section members to keep things fresh!

Looking forward to being back in town!

- Brian

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