What’s next…

To those who’ve been listening to and following the band,

Thanks for your support and interest in our progress this year.  Over the course of the last several months, we’ve settled on a steady line-up, and cultivated a more unique sound with our original material.  That would have been impossible without the venues and their owners that gave us a place to develop as a band, especially Rich at Chianti Jazz Lounge and Sarah at In a Pig’s Eye.

Over the next couple months, Aidan and I will be heading away for our first year of college, so the band will be taking a break.  We’ll come back in December ready to play a series of winter shows (including an album release party), and then again in the summer for another run of the Pocket Money Orchestra.  Until then, thank you to everyone that has helped us get to this point.  See you in December!

- Brian

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